Metalheads ahoy!
In less than one week we will see us aboard the Mein Schiff 1 once again and we can’t wait to rock the ship with you! We have one more special prepared for you: A city tour in Oslo with Mutz and Blaze Bayley! Join the raffle now!
The both musicians will show you their favorite places of Oslo and tell you some stories about their former visits in this great town.
If you want to join the raffle, just send an email with the subject “Oslo city tour” to contact@full-metal-crui...
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Ahoy Metalheads!
after the successful metal fashion shows at the previous FMC we are starting into the next round!
Black always works, right? We present you the official merchandise of the W:O:A and FMC at the „Full Metal Fashion Show“, a fashion show with heavy music.
And who would be better suited to present clothing for Metalheads than real Metalheads? So who of our guests wants to join the fun and be part of the show?
We are once again looking for female and metal cruisers who...
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Ahoy Metalheads,
in about two months, we will go aboard the ship once again. And today we can present you the timetable for our joyful journey!
The Running Order is available at Billing/Bands - Cruise IV. Or you just follow this link here.
Greetings from the bridge,
your Full Metal tour operators!
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Ahoy Metalheads,
Mambo Kurt, who is also aboard the MeinSchiff 1, will do a special workshop with you.
Mambo makes a mark against perfection, a mark for the fun of doing music. Mambo will be on the drums (which he is not really good in at all) and needs fellow Cruisaders who support him with bass, guitar and microphone while everybody is drinking lots of beer.
That’s how a real rehearsal room party has to be and that’s the way Mambo wants to celebrate with all of you at the Casino.
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Today we can announce one more band as well as the schedule of the tattoo sessions.
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Today we can announce to new names for the fifth Cruise! One of the acts is going to make its Full Metal Cruise debut while the other has already delivered endless fun at one of our journeys. Here we go!
There is hardly another metal band that gained so much success in so little time in the last years. With a lot joy of playing and creativity, the power metal heroes from Powerwolf are creating great albums and play sophisticated shows without a rest. Now is time to celebrate their...
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Ahoy Metalheads,
Today’s announcements for the fourth Cruise is about the last regular band and two more delicacies from the solo entertainer division. Curtain up!
The Swedish metalheads from RAM are worshipping the classical Heavy Metal sounds with (at the moment) four albums – but they don’t sound stale! Since their first release in the year 2003, the band has raised to a real high level and conquered huge parts of Europe with their music. They love to perform live on stage and every...
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Dear Metalheads,
we wish you and your families happy Easter days.
Our booker are already working hard on more acts for both Full Metal Cruise IV and V - the cruises will be fun again and tediousness will not be tolerated!
But before this can happen, we have to rock Full Metal Mountain, our heavy metal meets wintersports event in Austria.
We are already setting up everything there and the Metalheads will arrive tomorrow to celebrate the hardest winter vacation of Europe with us. If you...
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Ahoy Metalheads,
all cabins are assigned, the Full Metal Cruise V was sold out in less than 30 minutes! Thank you for your gigantic support and your trust!
We will again spare no effort to set up a giant party at Full Metal Cruise V and we’re looking forward to explore the Mein Schiff 2 with you!
Your FMC-Crew
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Ahoy Metalheads,
the booking for Full Metal Cruise V starts right now!
At Full Metal Cruise V, we will once again explore the Mediterranean Sea. We start on the 20th of April 2017 in Palma de Mallorca. Our first stop will be Gibraltar, the second Málaga and afterwards we return to Palma de Mallorca, where the journey ends again. This Cruise will not happen at our beloved Mein Schiff 1 but on the sister ship Mein Schiff 2!
You can book the travel online at, via our...
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