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  • Steel Panther

    The metal based band weren’t always known as Steel Panther and it took performing under a few other names to reach the rock and roll name they now go by. Stints as ‚Metal school‘ and ‚Metal shop‘ occurred before the band settled on ‚Steel Panther‘, a name which they found worked for them.

    Steel Panther are not to be taken entirely seriously and have been dubbed a ‚comical glam metal‘ band. Made up of four members known as Michael Starr, Satchel, Lexi Foxx and Stix Zadinia.

    Michael Starr
    Michael Starr from Steel Panther
    Michael Starr is the front man of the group taking the role of lead vocalist. He was an early starter when it came to music, singing in kindergarden taking part in school plays.

    Satchel from Steel Panther
    Satchel takes the role of lead guitarist in Steel Panther. Originally from Redwood city in California, claims to be from a family of performers, his guitar skills are epic.

    Stix Zadinia
    Stix Zadinia from Steel Panther
    Stix as I’m sure you’ve worked out, is the drummer for Steel Panther. He is heavily tattooed and claims he doesn’t ‚tap‘ the drums, nor does he merely ‚hit‘ and that in reality nobody plays the drums harder than he does.

    Lexxi Foxx
    Lexxi Foxx is the basest of the group. he loves pink and purple, he is famous for his ‚hair flip‘ and ‚hair solo‘, has the longest hair out of the quartet and frequently offers up hair maintenance advice

    Musical History
    The band formed in the early 2000’s and first became popular known as ‚Metal Skool‘. They started off playing covers of popular 1980’s rock songs and their style and appearance reflected this perfectly. In 2003 the band released their debut album which they produced themselves and finally found they were starting to get noticed for what they do best.

    In 2009 they released their debut album under the name Steel Panther which Kerrang magazine labelled as ‚close to perfect‘. With an amazing comment like that from the worlds most renowned rock music magazine it looked as if big things were to come for Steel Panther and that they had finally found their niche as a group.

    During their years together the band have released three albums to date. Unsurprisingly all with unusual but not dissimilar names.

    Feel the Steel was the first of their albums to be released under their new name in 2009, prior to this they released ‚Hole Patrol‘ under their first names ‚Metal Skool‘ and ‚Metal Shop‘ in 2003.

    Feel the Steel included some re-recordings of songs from their previous album including ‚fat girl‘ and ’stripper girl‘. The immediate response to the album was mixed and was described as ‚ an utter feel good masterpiece‘ with others saying that their ability to create songs that sound like they are from the 80’s was commendable. Unique in it’s own rights Steel Panther had well and truly made their style and statement clear.

    Balls Out is the last of their albums to be released up to present day, which came out in 2011. By now Steel Panther had really made a name for themselves and the album was highly successful. In the first week of the release 12,000 copies were sold in the United States and it reached position 40 on the Billboard 200 Chart.

    The album was descried as ’14 bundles of fun‘ by critiques but it also received a slightly frosty review that stated ‚you’re either going to get it or you’re not‘. Singles released included ‚If you really, really love me‘ and ’17 girls in a row‘. Guest appearances were also featured on the album on songs ‚It won’t suck it’s self‘ and ‚In the future‘.

    Well the band are well and truly still together and still producing their quirky music, with a later 2013 / early 2014 album set to be released soon by Universal Records. I can only imagine this album will be as colourful and controversial as ‚Balls Out‘ and ‚Feel the Steel‘ and if anything I’m expecting it to be even more outrageous (in a good way).

  • Ugly Kid Joe

    Ugly Kid Joe is an American hard rock band that was founded in California in 1989 and disbanded in 1997. In 2010 the musicians got together again and worked on a new album, which was finished in 2015.

    Musically they combine Hardrock, Heavy Metal and Funk. Ugly Kid Joe became known to a wider audience in Germany mainly through the hit singles Everything About You and Cats in the Cradle, a cover version of Harry Chapin's song.

    The name of the band is an allusion to the glam metal band Pretty Boy Floyd, which was quite successful in the 80s. The name was chosen because a joint performance with the band was planned, but was cancelled by Pretty Boy Floyd. Actually they wanted to take the name only for this one gig to emphasize the difference of the two bands, but they kept it.

    In October 1991 the EP As Ugly as They Wanna Be was recorded within a few days and released in Europe in May 1992. The title was chosen again with a wink. It was supposed to allude to the album As Nasty as They Wanna Be by Group 2 Live Crew. The song Everything About You attracted the attention of a larger audience for the first time as it was used in the successful film Wayne's World. A relatively simple music video - the whole song was filmed on the beach - followed shortly afterwards and was often shown on MTV. This culminated in As Ugly as They Wanna Be being the first EP to receive multiple platinum awards from the RIAA.

    The band's second album, America's Least Wanted, features their most famous songs: Cats in the Cradle, Madman, Goddamn Devil and Everything About You. The album features guest musicians including Dean Pleasants of Infectious Grooves and Rob Halford of Judas Priest. Immediately after the last recordings, the band went on a tour in the USA, first as supporting band for Ozzy Osbourne and finally for Def Leppard.
    After the band came back from their European tour in December 1996, it soon became clear that none of the band members wanted to bring their full commitment to the band.
    The result of these discussions was the dissolution of Ugly Kid Joe. However, it was emphasized from all sides that they had not separated in a quarrel: For the AC/DC tribute album Thunderbolt a partial reunion of Ugly Kid Joe took place in 1997:

    In the December 2009 issue of the German magazine Metal Hammer, Eichstadt said that a reunion was planned for summer 2010. The self-produced 6-track EP Stairway to Hell was finally released in June 2012. The band also played various concerts worldwide.
    The album was recorded in Covingtion, Louisiana at Balance Studios under the direction of Dave Fortman (Slipknot, Godsmack, Evanescence).

    The chemistry of the album is so harmonious and convincing, as if the band had never been away. "Uglier Than They Used Ta Be", contains a collection of gritty, handmade rock songs like '"Let the Record Play", "To The Hard-Hitting" or "Hell Aint Hard To Find". And emotionally controlled songs like "Enemy". Altogether Ugly Kid Joe unite the strongest songs of their career on this album.

    "It's very multi-faceted," said UKJ frontman Whitfield Crane, "there was a lot of enthusiasm and talent in the production in one room, and that's what the album sounds like."

  • Destruction

    Four years after the Thrash-Urgestein Destruction proclaimed the "Spiritual Genocide", Schmier, Mike and Vaaver are back with "Under Attack" from 13 May 2016. As mean as possible, as catchy as necessary. 33 years after its foundation, Destruction still sound as angry as on the first day. Only their compositional abilities have improved since then, as "Under Attack" impressively proves.

    Founded in 1982, it didn't take long for the trio to take the lead in the national thrash movement. Albums like "Infernal Overkill" or "Eternal Devastation" belong to the canon of the metal scene until today, but also later albums like "All Hell Breaks Loose" or "The Antichrist" belong to the magic moments of thrash. Not for nothing Destruction belong to the "Big Teutonic 4" and have been touring successfully through world history for more than 30 years.

    For "Under Attack" the trio changed their usual way of working. Instead of hiding in a studio for months on end, the new work was recorded between two tour sections between September 2015 and January 2016 at various locations (including Gernhart Studio in Germany and VO Pulver's Little Creek Studios in Switzerland). "We took a lot of time for the album," says frontman Schmier. "The release break was quite long, so we had a lot of material, the ideas just bubbled up. At the same time we had less pressure than usual. Since we played live in between, we took the aggression of the gigs with us into the studio. You really listen to the songs. This "Tour Studio Tour" mode was so effective that I want to stick to it in the future." And with a laugh he adds: "We definitely don't listen to "Under Attack" as if we already had 33 years on our backs".

    Whoever listens to songs like the hymnic title track, the as fast as catchy "Generation Nevermore", the wrecking ball "Pathogenic" or the multi-layered "Conductor Of The Void" will agree without reservation. Schmier's voice cuts glass, Mike shakes some of his best riffs out of his sleeve, and Vaaver ruins everything. The impressive cover, once again written by the Hungarian artist Gyula, completes "Under Attack" perfectly. Or to say it in the words of Schmier: "It's fast, it's catchy, it's the original".

  • Backyard Babies

    Backyard Babies – Peder Carlsson , Johan Blomquist , Dregen and Nicke Borg , born same year, same town, Nässjö, southern Sweden – have returned to action after a fiveyear hiatus.

    Formed in 1989, and with half a dozen studio albums to their name, the lineup of the band has never changed, and neither has the collective desire to claim a key and colourful chapter in the annals of rock ‘n’ roll.

    The single ‘Th1rt3en or Nothing’ will be followed by festival appearances right across Europe, paving the way for the release of the new album, ‘Four By Four’ , at the end of summer. Then it’s off to Japan to keep the party going…

    In 1991, the selfreleased debut EP, ‘Something To Swallow’ , stirred up interest both at home and abroad, resulting in a first record deal then a debut album, ‘Diesel And Power’ (1994), that channelled the band’s considerable rock ‘n’ roll instincts into a deliciously sleazy (tattooed) body of work.

    IT WAS in 1994 that the band’s career effectively kicked into gear; this was when the four moved to Stockholm, embarking on a journey that would place them squarely (and spectacularly) on the world stage, sharing that stage with some of rock’s most legendary names along the way…

    With their popularity rising fast, the big break was just around the corner…
    After signing with MVG Records/East West (Warner), the now classic album, ‘Total 13’ (1998), was released to great acclaim, effectively redefining lowslung, punky rock ‘n’ roll for a fresh generation. It reached gold status at home and picked up a Swedish Grammy, providing the ideal launchpoint for impressive worldwide sales plus a tour across the planet, from Tokyo through to LA.

    The followup album, ‘Making Enemies Is Good’ (2001), took the band’s success to a new level, topping the Swedish charts and breaking the international rock scene via an extensive European tour as main support to AC/DC .

    ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ , studio album Number 4, saw the ‘ Minus Celsius’ single lightin’ a fire under rock radio stations across the globe, it charted Top 2, and as with its predecessor, it earned the troupe a gold award.

  • Iron Savior

    Titan-strong is what IRON SAVIOR mastermind Piet Sielck and his guys have captured on CD (and vinyl): 'Titancraft', the name of the now ninth IRONSAVIOR album, gives extra impetus! After the success of 'Rise Of The Hero' (2014), with which the band celebrated the biggest charter success of their career so far with place 76 in Germany, as well as the two special releases 'Megatropolis 2.0' (revised new edition of the 2007 album) and the live DVD/CD 'Live At The Final Frontier' released in 2015, brand new material from Hamburg's premium metal forge is finally available for release in the form of 'Titancraft'. The stylistic direction should be clear: The new album again contains all IRONSAVIOR trademarks and inspires with a well-balanced mixture of fast tracks and powerful rammers. To emphasize single songs is basically idle, because all new compositions are of similarly strong quality). Therefore the choice of a single was very difficult. Here the furious 'Way Of The Blade' finally won the race. Novum: For this song the first "official" video clip of the band history is created. Mastermind Piet Sielck can be said that 'Titancraft' has probably the best sound of all previous IRONSAVIOR releases - which only increases the radiance of the new compositions.

    The history of IRON SAVIOR began in 1996 when the band was formed by Piet Sielck, Kai Hansen (Gamma Ray) and Thomen Stauch (Blind Guardian). The first meeting was only conceived as a project and quickly became a real band, combining traditional (and influenced by NWoBHM greats like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden) power metal with science fiction lyrics. With the rough and expressive voice of Sielck, IRON SAVIOR set additional accents that gave the band its own profile.

    1997 saw the release of their debut album 'Iron Savior', which attracted a lot of attention in the scene and quickly established the new band. With their second album 'Unification' in 1999 they made their first leap into the Top 100 of the German charts. Further studio albums followed with 'Dark Assault' (2001), 'Condition Red' (2003), 'Battering Ram' (2004) and 'Megatropolis' (2007). In the meantime the line-up had also changed. Since Hansen left the band in 2001, there is only Piet Sielck left of the founding trio who keeps the band and their vision on course.

    After four years of silence IRON SAVIOR triumphantly returned in the form of 'The Landing' and two years later released an equal successor with 'Rise Of The Hero'. For 'Megatropolis 2.0' Sielck subjected the 2007 album to an elaborate revision and with 'Live At The Final Frontier' the live album (DVD/CD) long demanded by fans was released in the same year (2015). But there is nothing like fresh, new songs from the pen of the Iron Saviour. Titancraft' is the proof!

  • Skull Fist

    A strong moral compass in battle with even stronger drinks…

    When SKULL FIST set off their first riffs and deliver their third studio album full of authenticity, honesty and shady lyrics, it feels like drowning in a sea of confusing heavy metal morality. The quartet from Toronto, Canada are locked in a life long struggle with a twist on nostalgic heavy metal and a persistent desire for spiritual glory and personal peace. Relight the fire that was started with the debut record and take another step further with every note and word of the new nine song album „Way Of The Road“.

    With their second album “Chasing The Dream” from 2014, the young Canadians already proved that the album title said it all and that they didn’t allow any throwbacks in their career, even though more and more obstacles seemed to appear in their way. After multiple line-up rotations, a broken neck and frontman Zach Slaughter’s vocal cord surgery, it temporarily seemed, as if the FIST itself was a double edged knife. But resigning has never been an option:

    „It’s been 3 years of surgeries and injections“, Zach recalls. „I can sing in the studio but I’m still working towards getting together for live gigs. I think I can hack it though, it’s a ton of workout and that’s ok. I dug myself into the hole so it’s up to me to climb back out of the fucker!“

    Obviously, Zach somehow took advantage of this forced break by investing his recovery time into songwriting and the development of new ideas resulting in diverse and lyrically as well as musically ambitious tracks.

    Mixed by Eric Ratz, „Way Of The Road“ will see the light of day in October, and for some, the title might sound like a logical sequel to “Chasing The Dream”. Zach himself sees it as perfect description for the rollercoaster of emotions that had him between disillusionment and hope in the past years: „For me it’s a realization that every trait is in you at all times. I guess the balance between compassion and reason. Trying to figure out what is inside your head is a real thought or emotion and what is just social circumstance behavior. I’m just trying to sort out what the flaws are, where they are coming from and how to accept it.”

    And although the new album is filled with sing-alongs and passionate anthems, a genuine pain and struggle is omnipresent and seems to find salvation in the music itself:

    „I think all of the songs are either loosely based on something that happened or was directly motivated by a specific event in the last few years. I’m trying to take stuff that needs to be buried in the ground. Music is a lot of fun to do, but I think it’s a solid way to clear up space in my head. Take all the thoughts and emotions I have about it, shove it onto a track and then try to stop thinking about it, turn them into grave markers. Make room for some nice stuff“, he laughs.

    As it seems, there will be plenty of said nice stuff in the near future – at this year’s Metal Hammer Paradise, SKULL FIST are finally putting their live machinery back into action and make it the beginning of a long journey, that will soon lead them back around the entire world.

    The band is back in action, THE FIST SHALL RISE.

  • Hate Squad

    HATE SQUAD – Anger from the gutter, since 1993

    German H8 Core veterans Hate Squad knew already in the early 90s what aggressions could be set into music if you mix Thrash and Death Metal with Hardcore. They were one of the bands making this style huge by playing on all of the big festivals over Europe, for example Dynamo, Wacken, With Full Force …and having some of their biggest hits like „Not My God“ and „I.Q. Zero“ run on Heavy Rotation on Viva Metalla and MTV´s Headbangers Ball. Well deserved Hate Squad were voted as „Newcomer Of The Year“ on Viva Metalla in 1995 by the viewers.

    Due to their 15th band anniversary in 2008 Hate Squad will present their new studio album „Degüello Wartunes“ which was recorded in the Rape Of Harmonies Studios (Heaven Shall Burn, Maroon, Narziss among many others) end of 2007. Besides the fact that it´s one of the strongest Hate Squad albums ever, where the band manages to combine the spirit of the good old „Not My God“ and „I.Q. Zero“ times with a modern up to date sound the album features guest vocals by Marcus Bischoff from Heaven Shall Burn and Maintain´s Timo Böhling and Julian Tamke on several tracks.

    The story began in 1993 when Burkhard Schmitt and three friends from around Hannover decided to form a band as they were „suffering“ from too much time and finally also the aggressions that young men could develop sometimes needed to be worked out properly. Hate Squad was born and they were aiming for something new, a music the same time aggressive and groovy! Back in these days the magazines described the band sound as “Crossover” „Metalcore“, „Deathcore“, „Hatecore“ or „Hardcore influenced Thrash Metal“. With their unique style they formed a whole new genre and young awesome bands like german Maroon or Heaven Shall Burn (who covered „Not my God“ on their album „Antigone“) call Hate Squad a major influence.

    But let´s go back to the good old days…

    Hate Squad hit the right nerve when they released their debut album „Theater of Hate“ in 1994 through Gun Records/BMG. The response by critics and fans was overwhelming and Hate Squad were appointed as “Newcomer Of The Year” in many magazines.

    The major success of the album lead to a long time on the road playing shows, festivals and tours with Death, Gorefest, Machine Head, Tiamat, Life of Agony, Type O Negative, Biohazard, Venom, Sick of it All, Atrocity, Nailbomb, Fear Factory, Downset, Mercyful Fate, Paradise Lost, Dog Eat Dog, Dub War…just to name a few. Besides that Hate Squad played at the Full of Hate Easter Festivals followed by the legendary appearance at the Dynamo Open Air in Eindhoven (Holland), where the band celebrated the 10th anniversary of the festival together with 120.000 fans!

    In October 1995 the 2nd album I.Q.Zero was released. It became the most successful Hate Squad album ever and is still considered a lesson how Metal and Hardcore joined forces back in those days. Simultaneous videos were shot for „Not my God“ and „I.Q. Zero“, that went on a heavy rotation on MTV´s Headbangers Ball and Viva´s Metalla. Burkhard was invited to co-host several shows on TV and several specials from the following european Tour with Kreator and Grip Inc. were broadcasted by MTV and VIVA. Finally the viewers of Viva voted Hate Squad as „Newcomer of the year 95“ (with Fear Factory running 2nd and Korn 3rd !!!!!). The readers’ poll of Germany´s Rock Hard Magazine showed similar results and Hate Squad appeared on several front positions in the following categories: „Best Live Band“, „Best Album“, „Best Band“, „Favorite Musician“, “Newcomer 95” and „Personality 95“.

    In 1996 the remix EP, „Sub Zero – The Remixes“, was released where Die Krupps, Atari Teenage Riot, T.A.S.S, Gigantor, The Speedfreak… and some other big names of the scene put their hands on Hate Squad’s songs. Several headliner shows and support slots for bands like Sepultura or Rammstein followed later… Hate Squad started to record their 3rd album „Pzyco!“ in the end of 1996 in sunny Malaga, Spain.

    „Pzyco!“ was released in April 1997 and showed a different side of Hate Squad. But still the video clip for the title track „PZYCO!“ went on rotation on Viva Metalla and MTV Superrock. Missing the support from their label, the band and Gun Records finally parted ways. Rumours already proclaimed the split of the band.

    Furious of the rumours and their ex-label the band members decided to prove all critics wrong and wrote the most brutal Hate Squad songs ever for their 4th studio album.

    In 1993 several magazines had elected Hate Squad the best unsigned band of Europe – in 1998, the band was back as the only unsigned band on the 5th „With Full Force Open Air“ (Slayer, Marilyn Manson etc.). Hate Squad took their chance and presented an explosive cocktail of old classics. But the set had an noteworty ending as well: as awaited by everyone in the crowd “Not My God” was supposed to end the set but Hate Squad wasn’t able to perform as the stage manager ended the show by turning off the power too early. For sure there was a big dissappointment! Legend says that within this raging and swearing crowd, some young guys from a band called Heaven Shall Burn decided in that moment to cover „Not my God“ with their own band!

    The whole songwriting process for the 4th album „H8 for the masses“ finally took it´s time till 2003, but even as the whole band had a hard times at that state they never even thought about splitting up even though there have been many rumors again. Hate Squad gave their answer to these in the lyrics of „We are Amused“… In 2004 „H8 for the masses“ was released finally and put them back on the road to play through out Europe.

    Now they are back with „Degüello Wartunes“ – right in time for their 15th band anniversary! Furious mosh songs like “Rise Up” meet with dancefloor sweeping smash hits like “Anger from the gutter” or “My War” or the new band hymn “Hannover H8Core”. Be sure that there will be a lot more to celebrate the band’s career during the year so be prepared for a lesson in Hannover H8core!

  • Savage Messiah

    Savage Messiah have steadily built a reputation as one of the UK’s most distinctive metal bands, with a sound that embraces the best of metallic strains, both past and present. 2017 is destined to be a huge milestone for the band, not least because they have just recorded the finest record of their career. From the rampaging bluster of the opening ‚Hands Of Fate‘ and the spine-tingling melodic melodrama of ‚Lay Down Your Arms‘ through to the bold refrains and razor-sharp histrionics of ‚Eat Your Heart Out‘ and closing emotional powerhouse ‚Wing & A Prayer‘, Hands of Fate is an honest, unpretentious and utterly enthralling heavy metal album and a wholesale rebirth for this most ambitious of modern bands.

    “We’ve got something cool to offer and we’ve really honed our sound on this record,” states frontman David Silver. “We’re really proud of this album. It’s all coming together.“

    Their potential was always apparent: from the youthful, thrash-driven fury of 2009’s debut album Insurrection Rising (released through esteemed underground imprint Candlelight Records) to the bold, epic clangour of the two albums the band released through the legendary Earache Records, Plague Of Conscience (2012) and The Fateful Dark (2014), David and his comrades have routinely hit creative heights that their peers could only dream about. Along the way they have gained a huge audience in Japan, where the band famously conquered the legendary Loud Park festival in October 2016, and have played shows across Europe with the likes of Amon Amarth, Trivium, Testament, Cradle of Filth and Soulfly. But 2018 marks the moment that Savage Messiah truly live up to and surpass expectations.

    By nailing the essence of metal’s unwavering spirit and concentrating on writing songs that demand engagement and emotional connection, Savage Messiah have hit the artistic jackpot. This is heavy metal designed with intelligence and delivered with passion.

  • Omnium Gatherum

    From the northern regions of the globe, from Finland, comes Omnium Gatherum a melodic death group of crazy six known for its fierce live shows and the fresh ingenious sound. Brutal, aggressive, highly melodic and catchy but still maintaining the sophisticated originality the band is known for!

    Omnium Gatherum is pushing their music ever forward to challenge the marking trend and still respect the heritage of the genre – to mix something new into the maintaining feeling of quality melodic death metal. The thing about Omnium Gatherum is that whilst making albums and touring around the world the guys have kept the pack together and keep on delivering outstanding live performances to audiences around the world. OG is its members and more – there is a real feeling of a family and unity within the group that is why the band is so alive. This is truly like a natural phenomenon which keeps on growing.

    The just released new album ‚Grey Heavens‘ has blown both fans and critics away. Charted to 2nd position in national album chart of their home country Finland, awarded ‚album of the month‘ for example in Metal Hammer and in many other medias and getting maximum rates in reviews around the world, means the album is getting more and more known throughout the metal scene. There is no stopping the moving train and OG just started touring the world again to promote this masterpiece. With the previous „Beyond“ album world tour the band conquered 3 continents and played approximately 150 gigs in support for the album. More is more.

    20 years and 7 albums under their belt the band have finally slowly but surely risen to the top of the game in melodic death metal.

  • Diolegacy

    DIOLEGACY is a POWERFUL, STRAIGHT AND HONEST tribute to the most important singer in the history of Rock & Metal: Ronnie James Dio!

    Formed in 2013 by Marcos Rodriguez. The outstanding multifaceted musician from the metal institution RAGE, is one of the most passionate Ronnie fans ever. His admiration for Ronnie’s work goes farther than any other singer he’s influenced by. Therefore it’s a great challenge and pleasure for him to sing Ronnie’s tunes.

    Together with international High-Top quality musicians, DIOLEGACY offers an impeccable performance in every show they play, so expect a well deserved quality show worthy to the memory of the father of the sign, the singer of the singers:
    Ronnie James Dio.

  • The Wild!

    Shooting around with guns, setting fires and shaking the walls make the appeal of nights that separate little boys from real men and distinguish THE WILD! from what 99% of people today call rock ´n`Roll. Anyone who has ever been asked to please hold back, get a grip on their life and finally go home will immediately understand what this wild group is all about. Heated by long, hard nights and a love of music, by their rural roots and an uncompromising attitude of shit, THE WILD! play the perfect soundtrack for all freedom seekers and true Rock´n`rollers. Curtain up for THE WILD!

    Singer/lead guitarist DYLAN VILLAIN embodies uncompromising dedication and the good-natured devilish charm that can only be developed in a remote village community. Bass player/vocalist BOOZUS acts as a counterpart to his rough grater organ. The name of the convinced beard bearer who loves fly fishing already suggests his penchant for high percentages. Drummer REESE LIGHTNING, a model of straightforwardness and constancy, also puts the pedal to the metal. An animal on drums and the personified sympathizer that everyone loves! The THE WILD! line-up is rounded off by rhythm guitarist and background singer "THE KID". He brings a breath of fresh air into the band and compensates his lack of life experience with an impeccable mentality and his distinctive ego.

    "Sometimes I get the impression that out of 1000 bands currently on the road, at best ten really believe in what they are singing. Identification with what you do is the most important thing in every life situation," explains VILLAIN. "I don't care what kind of music you play. But if it's really important to you, you sacrifice your shirt for it. Our fans don't let themselves be deceived. I feel that they are hungry for something that is not interchangeable."

    In 2014 the music video of their first single ´Road House` spread like wildfire on Youtube and provided regular radio appearances in Canada. For a hitherto unknown band this song had an almost outstanding airplay and ended up in the top 30 of the rock charts. Only a few months later THE WILD! played a series of furious concerts with renowned bands such as Korn, Rise Against, Monster Truck, The Glorious Sons and One Bad Son.

    In the meantime, word of the group's fabulous abilities had spread to well-known record companies, so that THE WILD! had already signed a contract with the Canadian label ´eOne`, before the company's managers had even seen the band live. No doubt: Their reputation as one of the best new live acts in Canada was already ahead of them back then.

    But how does this band sound anyway?

    Take the rugged authenticity of Delta Blues, accelerate it with a bold punk rock attitude and stuff it all into a Southern Rock cigarette. Can you already feel it? Then shift up into fifth gear and grasp the strings of your electric guitar with even more determination. The result is THE WILD!

    It's exactly what the listeners expect on their debut album GxDxWxB (the acronym stands for 'God Damn Wild Boys' by the way). The album was produced by Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Aerosmith, Jimmy Page, Van Halen) in two of Vancouver's most legendary studios (Warehouse / Armoury). GxDxWxB combines uncontrolled screaming, raw melodiousness, a bold philosophy of life and the aggressiveness of all the influences and youthful sins that characterize THE WILD!.

    "Even below the crashing guitars you can discover the love for the blues in our songs," singer/lead guitarist DYLAN VILLAIN explains. "We believe in our music out of conviction. THE WILD! are a mixture of the feeling of Blues, the sound of Rock´n`Roll and the smell of Punkrock."

    GxDxWxB got off to a flying start, driven by the first single, ´Party 'Til You're Dead', which was released in support of an extensive Canadian tour as a prelude to Buckcherry. The song is one of those titles that producer Mike Fraser really wanted on the first EP.

    The second single ´Slow Burn` followed in April 2015. The Canadian rock shows immediately put the song on heavy rotation and for a while even placed it among the five most played songs of their program. THE WILD! were in the top 10 for weeks with ´Slow Burn` and were finally nominated for the 2015 ´Canadian Radio Music Awards` in the category "Best New Rock Band".

    In autumn 2015 The Wild! toured with their EP 'GxDxWxB' and bands like Godsmack, Saint Asonia and Buckcherry. At that time the group had just signed a contract with ´eOne Music US` and was the first Canadian formation to sign a worldwide contract with the label's New York office.

    "We have already attracted a lot of attention in the Canadian Rock´n`Roll scene," says DYLAN VILLAIN. "Now we're looking forward to sharing our sound with the rest of the world. With what this band wants to achieve, we have hit the nail on the head. I have the feeling that there are a lot of bands out there who are trying everything to be successful. We don't try anything, we just do our thing."

  • Tri State Corner

    Tri State Corner stands for a bouzouki rock band with members from the three countries Germany, Poland and Greece. They mix hard rock music with the soulful sounds of traditional Greek bouzouki, creating a new and innovative style - a unique style. After 450 live shows in 22 countries on 3 continents and 4 releases, the five musicians have consolidated their position in rock music.

    They already shared big stages with bands such as Avantasia, Lordi, Rage, Nightwish, Nazareth, The Sweet, Mothers Finest, Axxis or Demon, were represented in many TV and radio shows as well as magazines, won several music competitions and were produced by multiple platinum producers like Fabio Trentini (Guano Apes, H Blockx etc.) or Tony Bongiovi (Bon Jovi, Ozzy Osbourne, Aerosmith etc.).

    The German rock label DRAKKAR ENTERTAINMENT saw the potential, took the chance and signed the band. Their album HISTORIA was re-released in Europe via DRAKKAR in 2013, followed by a tour through Germany as support for the rock monsters LORDI. After a busy festival summer 2013 the band recorded their 3rd album "Home", produced by TSC and Dirk Ulrich (Broilers, James LaBrie (Dream Theater) etc.). "Home" was released worldwide in 2014 - their single "Beside you" was released in 14 countries and landed in the top 20 of the iTunes charts.

  • Kaizaa

    German rock scene, dress warm. Because here is KAIZAA. Come to play along - in the game of rock thrones. Four purposeful musicians throw their musical backgrounds and decades of band and genre experience together to create a truly kaizaalich sound, the soundtrack for the only acceptable direction: right in the middle!

    Unfragmented, straightforward, real. Angular German lyrics, catchy melodies in a powerful rock garment, clearly inspired by the rousing punk and fully on the gas pedal - that's how this energy, which is fun, which infects and drives. You want to jump directly into the pit, sing along and celebrate a new time. It's about departure, about the small and big episodes, stories of and in the intoxication of everyday life, about love, underdogs, crew cohesion, dreams, a full load of life. It hits, without detours, in the middle and has a strong after-effect. And one notices from the very first note: the four know how to do it.

    Since the early 90s singer Giestl has been active in various cover (Mad Mixx, Blue Label), modern thrash (Code Red) and acoustic rock bands, released several studio albums and EPs and has polished his frontman charm at several hundred gigs on big and small stages. Bassist Johnny came to the strings from the Windsbacher Knabenchor and has been on the road with rock/metal bands (Altedo, Clitcommanders, Aterra) since 2009. Drummer Hendrik, who has been very attached to overcoming borders with his family since his flight from the GDR, has musically tested many directions (rock cover, power metal, modern thrash with Code Red, acoustic rock with The Black Mile), was live drummer of the industrial band Das Ich for two years and now returns to his musical feel-good area with KAIZAA. Guitarist Chick started as an autodidact at the age of 13, later studied at the Jazz & Rock School Freiburg, gained extensive stage experience in various bands (Funk, Pop, Soul, Rock), played with Garden Gang next to many old punk bands throughout England and is since 2007 also active as a guitar teacher as well as guitarist and songwriter at the Dead City Rockets.

    Four different careers, one direction, one goal: a new KAIZAA. Let the games begin!

  • The Waltons

    The WALTONS from Berlin are the cowpunk legend par excellence. Founded in 1983, the following year they set new standards with their first release 'Here Domes the real Western Rockabilly! (EP /Vinyl Boogie) set the first milestone in the genre. The 'Waltons Square' contained on it advanced in shortest time over the borders to the hymn in the scene.

    Live the WALTONS quickly made a name for themselves as a charismatic concert act with 'almost hateful joy of playing' (Freiburger Stadtanzeiger). Two legendary longplayers 'Goin' Rodeo' (Korea/EFA Rec) and 'Thank God for the WALTONS' (SVP Rebel Rec) followed until 1989, when the album 'Truck me harder' (SPV Steamhammer Rec) revolutionized cowpunk and even stayed in the charts for a short time.

    At this time in the late 80's the WALTONS gave some concerts under a false name and without permission in East Berlin and the former GDR behind the so-called Iron Curtain, which has now become part of an 'arte' documentary and is expected to be broadcast in summer 2018. At the same time, the WALTONS were one of the first bands to establish the Wacken Open Air as the world's biggest heavy metal festival, where they will perform again this summer (2018).

    In 1990 they toured Germany with the 'Stray Cats'. In 1991 the 'Thrust of the Vile' album (SPV Steamhammer Rec) was recorded in Nashville/Tennessee. 1992 followed the 'Remain in Rust' (SPV Steamhammer Rec), produced by Charlie Bauerfeind, and again innovative making history. The collaboration with SPV ended in 1995 with the cover album 'Essential Country Bullshit', on which Bela B of the 'Doctors' brought the Dolly Parton classic 'Stand by your man'. In 1996, the WALTONS composed a requiem for band, choir and orchestra for the Berlin Symphony Orchestra and gave its world premiere as 'Gang of Wrath' with the symphony orchestra at the Berliner Philharmonie. The WALTONS celebrated their comeback in 2004 with the groundbreakingly legendary album 'The Spirit of Cowpunk' (Part Records), and the extensive German tour of the same name. Four years later they produced the 'Western CowpunkAssociation' album with heavy metal icon Harris Johns.
    Ihr Comeback feierten die WALTONS 2004 mit dem bahnbrechend legendärem Album ‘The Spirit of Cowpunk’ (Part Records), und der gleichnamigen ausgedehnten Deutschland-Tour. Mit der Heavy-Metal-Ikone Harris Johns produzierten sie vier Jahre später das ‘Western CowpunkAssociation’ Album.

    In 2011, drummer Jani-Boy died of cancer and the band was paralyzed for three years.
    Since 2014, the WALTONS have been playing with John-Boy's son Marlon as drummer, and are still an absolute bank live. Consequently, a new album entitled 'Back in the saddle' will be released on the Quasilectric label in 2018, and that's what they are.

    John-Boy Walton (Bene): Guitar/Leadvocal
    Hatto Doc Walton: Bass/Vocal
    Marlon Kid Walton: Drums/Vocal

  • Skyline

  • Thundermother

    High energy, wild riffs and a sturdy groove straight from the 70’s – two and a half years after the critically acclaimed album “Road Fever”, Swedish rock’n’roll band Thundermother returns. And it’s a truly amazing return. Thundermother’s third album is simply one of the greatest rock records you’ll get to hear this year.

    In the spring of 2017 Thundermother saw some drastic changes. Four members left, three new ones arrived. But the band’s center piece – guitarist and founder Filippa Nässil – stood steady by her vision. Around that vision the new line-up quickly gathered and every piece immediately fell into place. In June the new, upgraded version of Thundermother released “We Fight For Rock N Roll” – a single that was just as much of a statement as a taste of great deeds to come. After that they hit the road for a 20 dates long tour through Europe.

    The highlight of the tour was the concert at Wacken. After touring with Michael Monroe, W.A.S.P, D-A-D, Danko Jones etc. and a sold-out European headline tour it was finally time for the band to conquer Wacken. Even though they they’ve only played together for a few months the show was a complete success for Thundermother’s new line-up.

    – To play at Wacken has been my major goal since I started the band and now we stood there and performed in front of 10 000 people. It had rained throughout the festival, but suddenly it stopped and the sun started to shine at us, Filippa Nässil recalls and reveals that they were so satisfied with the show that the whole band got the Wacken logo tattooed before they rushed off to the next tour stop.

    After a summer of successful touring Thundermother rehearsed intensively for a month, before it was time. Then they headed into the studio Nordic Soundlab in Skara. The flow was unbelievable. In just ten days they recorded 15 new tracks. Everything – including vocals – was recorded live. And almost everything was wrapped in the first take. 13 of these 15 tracks became the bands third and self-titled album “Thundermother”.

    Thundermother have never sounded this great. Together with three times Grammis awarded producer Thomas Plec Johansson (Mustasch, Hardcore Superstar, Watain etc.) Thundermother have maxed just about everything. Just listen to the Deep Purple-ish knockout punch “Rip Your Heart Out”, when singer Guernica Mancini throws lethal jabs over riffs that aren’t kneeling for no one and whipped drums, that can crush bones.

    – We wanted a really fat drum sound on this album. If you listen to records with say AC/DC and Airbourne, you’ll hear that the drums are at a damn high volume. So, we put some serious time into getting a wicked drum sound, says Filippa Nässil.

    – When Emlee hit the bass drum both she and the whole bloody house shook. It was such a great energy.

    The rock history is stacked with giants who’ve unleashed their big power ballad on their third album. The same power ballad that later has led to their broader breakthroughs. Why shouldn’t Thundermother follow in these paths? On their third album, they release their first ballad ever – the upcoming single “Fire In The Rain”. But that isn’t the only time that Thundermother add a bit of new flavor to their failsafe recipe for success on this album. Put side-by-side with the other tracks “Hanging At My Door” – with its catchy hooks – sounds almost like a pop song in a Thundermother suit.

    Thundermother may have left their musical comfort zone this time, but you’ll still recognize the band. It’s still the same great, high-octane, 70’s breathing rock’n’roll that the band has spoiled us with ever since their 2014’s debut album. It’s just that this time the groove is even groovier, the sound is even better and the songs cuts even deeper.

    Thundermother 2.0 are here. And they’re better than ever!

    “Thundermother” was released on February 23 through Despotz Records. Now on the German album charts.

    Vocals: Guernica Mancini
    Guitar: Filippa Nässil
    Drums: Emlee Johansson
    Bass: Sara Pettersson

    ”Combining the high voltage bursts of AC/DC and Motörhead with charismatic performances and looks that kill, Thundermother are one of Stockholm’s greatest export(s) since melodic death metal” – Revolver Magazine

    ”a damn good slice of classic, no nonsense, heads-down-see-you-up-the-front, play it loud rock ‘n’ muthafuckin’ roll” – PlanetMosh

  • Audrey Horne

  • Vicious Rumors

    Vicious Rumors are proud to introduce Nick Courtney on lead vocals for the upcoming 46 date „Digital Dictator 30th Anniversary-Tour“ of America and Canada from Aug 31 to Oct 20. Due to the massive size of the US-Tour the band will bring the Digital Dictator-Tour to Europe in April.

    Nick brings power, style and dedication back to the band as well as bringing the „Digital Dictator“ album to life on tour! Geoff Thorpe says „Nick has a real kick ass aproach! We’re ready to tear it up on tour with his powerful and melodic voice.“ At 30 years old, Nick comes from Vancouver,Washington bringing a new fire and energy to the Vicious Rumors camp.

    Nick was a American Idol contestant who stood his ground singing Priest and Maiden at his addition…one of the very few metal singers to ever make the second round on the show!

    Former singer Brian Allen recomended Nick to the band as schedule and direction conflicts led to his departure. Enter Nick Courtney … the band is ready to hit the road on the world stage.

  • Black Inhale

    Did you ever see the bullet before it smashed your face? This time you surely will!

    Black Inhale refines Thrash Metal in an unique and unprecedented way – using razor-sharp guitar riffs, hard and fast drum assaults accompanied by aggressive and varied vocals. Black Inhale stands for all-out, straight, pure and honest metal that will never accept a compromise.

    Black Inhale is an Austrian Metal Band formed in Vienna. Four friends, Raffael Trimmal (git&voc), David Gludovatz (git), Markus Ziegler (bass) and Boris Balogh (drums) decided to follow their common passion and that way Black Inhale's metal was established in 2009.

    In August 2009 Black Inhale recorded its first EP called "Inner Pain" at Hinterhof Studios with Norbert Leitner. Black Inhale's first full-length studio album „Rule Of Force“ was released on February 2011 by the Austrian record label „Come Clean Records“, earning a growing fanbase in the underground metal community especially in Austria and Germany.

    Numerous concerts, festivals and headliner-shows followed, providing proof of being a real live-band. Black Inhale's aggressive and sweaty stage performance is often compared with Metallica or Pantera shows in the early 90's.

    In February 2015, Black Inhale entered the Udio Media Studio of Norbert Leitner (Austria), who recorded and mixed the album named „A Doctrine Of Vultures“. The mastering was done by Jens Bogren (Sweden), who is famous worldwide for his work with some of the biggest acts in metal today. Opeth, Kreator and Amon Amarth are just some of the artists that have had their albums produced, mixed and/or mastered by Jens. The artwork for „A Doctrine Of Vultures“ was designed by Seth Siro Anton (Greece), who for example did artworks for Arch Enemy, Soilwork and Heaven Shall Burn.

    At the moment, Black Inhale are laying waste to the festivalstages and having a hell of a time... BEWARE!!!


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