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  • Burning Witches
  • Mister Misery
  • Apocalyptica

    Apocalyptica are true explorers, always seeking new frontiers and uncharted territories in which to express themselves. With Cell-0, their 9thstudio album, the ambitious andelectric quartet have not simply returned to their non-vocal roots, they have traveled deeper and further into the universe of instrumental music than ever before. That first love and passion which fueled Apocalyptica to form during 1993 in Helsinki now carries richer layers of knowledge and experience, which in turn have led to the band to a fundamental realization and creative path.

    “We wanted to challenge ourselves to find further flavours in the cello itself,” says cellist PerttuKivilaakso“had we found them all? Had we explored every corner to find them?”

    “We went about creating Cell-0as a full piece of art and not thinking about singles or ‘the timing of singles’ or anything like that,” continues Eicca“it’s challenging to get all the details and colours right and still have the energy of being a real metal cello band.” continues Eicca, who like Perttu and fellow cellist Paavo Lötjönen graduated from the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki“So that was the main goal for us when doing this album, to havethose two very different worlds connecting to each other in a stronger, more explorative way than ever before.”

  • Burning Witches

    Ladies and gentlemen, may we introduce: BURNING WITCHES- Europe’s most recent heavy metal sensation. And if you haven’t heard about them by now you should ask yourself where you’ve spent the past 24 months.

    Here’s a brief summary. Firstly, BURNING WITCHES are an all-female band clad in jeans and leather. A band feverishly committed to the true, real, galloping thunder of traditional heavy metal. Secondly, they are an inseparable unit, an alliance whose all-weekly Thursday rehearsal is their innermost sanctum. Their holiest rite that they simply never miss, with their rehearsal space being their cathedral.

    Thirdly, and maybe most importantly: BURNING WITCHES are living proof that it always pays off to thoroughly burn for a cause. Their cause is heavy metal. And they oh so gladly burn for it. “I simply wanted to have a band of close friends. Of people you can tell absolutely anything and you just want to spend as much time with as possible,” guitarist and founding member Romana Kalkuhl states - and there was never, is not and never will be a better reason to start a band than that! The logical consequence: Everything this inseparable girl gang does is done right. With passion and devotion. With 120 percent - on a bad day!

  • Mister Misery

    “Don’t turn around it’s the boogeymen”

    MISTER MISERY is a four piece metal band from the streets of Stockholm, founded in February 2018 by Harley Vendetta & Alex Nine. By blending high energy riffs with anthemic choruses and ripping guitar solos, they have managed not only to create a hype in the underground metal community, but also caught the attention of renowned founder of Nuclear Blast/Arising Empire, Markus Staiger, leading the band to sign a record deal with Arising Empire in 2019. In addition,

    MISTER MISERY also signed with booking company Contra Promotion, housing bands such as NIGHTWISH, ANTHRAX, THE 69 EYES and many more.

    MISTER MISERY just released their brand new debut album ‘Unalive’ via Arising Empire and announced their headline tour ‘The Unalive Tour’, starting February 2020.


    Harley Vendetta: Vocals / Guitar

    Alex Nine: Guitar

    Eddie Crow: Bass

    Rizzy: Drums


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