What influence does the variance have on the payout ratio in slots?

In the long run, variance and volatility have no effect on the win rate for the player. On the short-term probability of winning the player, however, very much. To understand this, you have to know: Variance describes the standard deviation from the expected result.

So if a slot machine game pays back the stake made by the player with a probability of 95%, then that is only an average value. Nobody would throw a euro into gaming machines if it was certain beforehand that exactly 95 cents would be paid out after the spin. So the result of every single game on the slot machine deviates from the standard. That is the variance - and depending on the machine it can be sometimes larger and sometimes smaller. Low variance slot machine games let you win smaller amounts more often. And in games with high variance or volatility, you lose your stake more often. But when it comes to a win, the winnings are usually higher.

Slot machine A with high variance and slot machine B with low volatility thus play completely differently. And yet the slot machine odds are exactly the same in both cases. But what you shouldn't forget: With a machine with a high variance, the probability is higher that you will go home with a profit at the end of a short betting round. However, there is also a greater risk that you will lose your stake in a relatively short time. In the low volatility slot machine game, the probability of winning a single spin is greater. The results are more consistent in comparison and you can usually play longer for the same money. But you won't land a big hit here. Which type of gaming machine suits you better is just a matter of taste.

What is the win rate for the implementation of classic slots

From the gambling halls in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the slot machines from Novomatic and Merkur are best known, with some exceptions perhaps also Bally Wulff. These three major manufacturers from German-speaking countries have all of their slot machine games implemented for playing in online casinos. At Novomatic this is called Novoline, Merkur was ported by Edict and Reel Time Gaming, and Bally Wulff slot machine games are available from Gamomat and Edict. In addition to the fact that these games can only be played online to a very limited extent in Germany, we have already reported in detail in the news on the Novoline Aus and the end of the Merkur real money games and also presented alternatives and insider tips.

But what about the profit quota of Novoline, Merkur and Co? Here you have to be very clear: Merkur machines are rarely characterized by a particularly good probability of winning. Games like El Torero are also very popular because they are volatile and promise good individual wins. However, only the Amazonia slot made it into our top list with a 96.95% probability of winning.

It looks better at Novoline. With Lucky Ladies Charm, Columbus and Spectrum several well-known Novoline games can get a place in the top 100. Sometimes the Novoliners even have a profit rate of more than 97%. Book of Ra is NOT on the list by chance - which brings us to the next point:

Beware - the most popular slots don't necessarily have the best payout percentages

Anyone who assumes that the most popular slots in online casinos automatically also have the best chance of winning is unfortunately wrong. We can make this clearer by looking at an example. In Germany, the Novomatic slot Book of Ra is one of the most popular online slots on the market. Nevertheless, this slot offers a payout ratio of only 94.26%. In comparison, the relatively unknown slot Columbus, which also comes from the software house Novomatic, has a payout ratio of 97.03%.

So you can see that the payout ratio of the most popular slots doesn't always have to be very good. Of course, we don't want to prevent you from playing slots that offer you the best gaming fun. If you want to enjoy slots for your pleasure, then you can definitely accept a lower payout ratio. But it's always good to know what you're getting into.

Steam Tower offers top features and top odds

One slot that scores top in our slot machine test as well as the chance of winning is Steam Tower from NetEnt. This modern video slot offers plenty of features and chances of winning and comes in at an excellent 93% in the test. And with a payout rate of 97%, it easily makes it into our top 100 slot machines with the best payout rate. The best place to play slots with highest RTP today is SlotV Casino.

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