7 Best Places to Drink Beer in Munich

Today, beer is considered as an essential element of the Germany culture, which can be explained by a significant historical background. Its unforgettable taste depends on the use of water, hops, and malt as the main ingredients. As a result, Munich is frequently visited by tourists to appreciate the taste of local beer. In order to get a positive experience of drinking the local beer, it is essential to select the most interesting and popular restaurants in the city.

Schneider Bräuhaus

This beer restaurant belongs to the well-known wheat-beer brewery. It has vast popularity among local populations and city guests due to the unique atmosphere that is created with the help of music, alpine whoops, and traditional foods, such as the rarely found offal dishes. At the same time, in addition to local food, you can order dishes of Italian, French, Spanish, and Japanese cuisine.


Originally built in 1589, this 3-floor beer hall is the second most visited place in the city after the Oktoberfest. Its popularity relies on various traditional favourites of Bavarian cuisine, including Brezn (soft pretzel) and Obatzda (cheese dip), as well as sausages such as Bratwurst and Weisswurst. Moreover, this place is located in the heart of Munich, thereby offering people the opportunity to combine visiting this place with excursions across the main city attractions.

Königlicher Hirschgarten

As the historical restaurant where the Wittelsbach dynasty celebrated family and social functions several centuries ago, this place has a considerable meaning for the city. Today, this place can accommodate approximately 500 persons who can enjoy Bavarian cooking and unique interior furnished with great attention to detail.

Chinesischer Turm

The Chinesischer Turm is a popular self-service beer garden that is located in the middle of the English Garden. In turn, it includes the fancy restaurant Chinesischer Turm with tremendously sophisticated meals. Its primary benefits are Bavarian music that is played in the background by a local orchestra and traditional cuisine.

Spatenhaus an der Oper

The rustic restaurant is an essential part of the catering group, which is also present at the Oktoberfest. This restaurant can be perfectly suited for family dinners, as well as business meetings. In fact, on the ground floor, you can enjoy the informal atmosphere, whereas the four rooms on the top floor can be reserved by guests for appreciating classic dishes of Bavarian and Austrian cuisine in the formal setting.

Paulaner im Tal

You can also admire Bavarian food with local ingredients and a traditional beer in Paulaner im Tal restaurant. One of the specific features of this place is the availability of restaurant tables instead of long benches. Additionally, it has a sneakily nice garden in the back.

Augustiner Keller

The third-largest beer garden in Munich has roughly 5000 seats for all individuals who aim to relax tasting Bavarian and international dishes. Initially, it was labelled as a beer storage facility; however, in 1880, the owner of the Augustiner brewery renamed it for Augustiner Keller. Thus, as one of the oldest breweries, this place attracts the attention of millions of tourists across the whole world.


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