More acts for the Cruise!

In about three months we will finally set sails together again! And today we can announce some more names for the upcoming journey.
Since the release of their celebrated comeback album back in 2015, Pyogenesis have reached new heights! Right now they are preparing the release of another new album, called "A Kingdom Disappear". It will be released in time for the cruise on the 24th of February.
Tony Carey’s Rainbow Project
Tony Carey returns to his work with Rainbow and the songs of Ronnie James Dio. Tony was the keyboard player of Rainbow back in the days and became a prestigious multi instrumentalist afterwards. He now gathered some great musicians to return to his roots and to rock the ship with us!
John Diva & the Rockets of Love
John Diva spent a lot of time behind the scenery, working as a coach and songwriter for the big names for decades. Now he comes into the spotlight and he celebrates some of the biggest rock songs he worked on - like Paradise City, Rock You Like a Hurricane or Poison!
Vagabundos de Lujo
The Vagabundos de Lujo are two guitarists who are living on the beautiful island Ibiza. They are combining rock sounds with the traditional vibe of the mediterranean islands and they add some spanish atmosphere to the cruise!
Furthermore we can announce the return of the marching party machines Blaas of Glory and the one and only Mambo Kurt. And last but not least, we will again have some workshops with Sascha Paeth and Corvin Bahn again!