FMC IV: The Full Metal Fashion Show goes into the next round!

Ahoy Metalheads!
after the successful metal fashion shows at the previous FMC we are starting into the next round!
Black always works, right? We present you the official merchandise of the W:O:A and FMC at the „Full Metal Fashion Show“, a fashion show with heavy music.
And who would be better suited to present clothing for Metalheads than real Metalheads? So who of our guests wants to join the fun and be part of the show?
We are once again looking for female and metal cruisers who would enjoy presenting rock fashion. They should also have some space left in their suitcases, because of course the clothes are theirs to keep!
So please send your applications including pictures (full body as well as portrait, preferrably) until the 28th of August to If you have done something like this before, please let us know as well.