FMC IV - Rehearsal room party with Mambo Kurt

Ahoy Metalheads,
Mambo Kurt, who is also aboard the MeinSchiff 1, will do a special workshop with you.
Mambo makes a mark against perfection, a mark for the fun of doing music. Mambo will be on the drums (which he is not really good in at all) and needs fellow Cruisaders who support him with bass, guitar and microphone while everybody is drinking lots of beer.
That’s how a real rehearsal room party has to be and that’s the way Mambo wants to celebrate with all of you at the Casino.
So if you feel called to join this honorable quest you can participate by writing a mail to or participate directly on board (if there is still need for some additional people)
You need to have booked a cabin at the cruise to participate. If you participate you have to bring your favorite instruments with you. Those can also be instruments which are not so common among musicians (like bagpipes for example).