FMC IV: Gamma Ray are replacing Saxon

We sadly have to announce, that Saxon can't make it to the Full Metal Cruise on Saturday.
Saxon explains:
"After attending the hospital for a regular check up, Biff Byford underwent a small, common and routine procedure to correct an issue found during the visit. As it was light out-patient surgery, he has been told not to travel for two weeks, therefore Saxon will no longer be able to perform on the FMC 4 and other live shows for now . Biff hopes to see you all soon and would like to apologise to all the fans expecting to see the band perform and all the team who've worked to put this together."
Nevertheless drummer Nigel Glockler and guitarist Douglas Scarratt are still with us, they will perform at sessions and workshops.
And we have a last minute repleacement forr Saxon: Gamma Ray! Kai Hansen and his mates will join us with their hits like Land Of The Free, Majestic or No World Order - they are going to play a Best Of show for us!
Furthermore, we can also announce, that guitar legend Uli Jon Roth is going to join us too! The former Scorpions guitar magician will take part at several actions on the ship.
We say thank you to Gamma Ray & Uli Jon Roth for helping us out and we wish Biff a fast recovery!