Apocalyptica are true explorers, always seeking new frontiers and uncharted territories in which to express themselves. With Cell-0, their 9thstudio album, the ambitious andelectric quartet have not simply returned to their non-vocal roots, they have traveled deeper and further into the universe of instrumental music than ever before. That first love and passion which fueled Apocalyptica to form during 1993 in Helsinki now carries richer layers of knowledge and experience, which in turn have led to the band to a fundamental realization and creative path.“We wanted to challenge ourselves to find further flavours in the cello itself,” says cellist PerttuKivilaakso“had we found them all? Had we explored every corner to find them?”“We went about creating Cell-0as a full piece of art and not thinking about singles or ‘the timing of singles’ or anything like that,” continues Eicca“it’s challenging to get all the details and colours right and still have the energy of being a real metal cello band.” continues Eicca, who like Perttu and fellow cellist Paavo Lötjönen graduated from the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki“So that was the main goal for us when doing this album, to havethose two very different worlds connecting to each other in a stronger, more explorative way than ever before.”

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