For the past three decades, the French heavy metal pioneers NIGHTMARE are now already an integral part of the European music scene. Although interrupted by a ten-year hiatus (late 80s to late 90s), NIGHTMARE at any time had their fans behind them. And they were never disappointed.
NIGHTMARE was founded in 1979 and released their debut album "Waiting For The Twilight" in 1984. "Power Of The Universe" was released the next year and should initially be the last record released after a long break hat started at the end of 1987 until 1999. In 1999 the time had come for a fresh start. This was done with vocalist Jo Amore, who left his position as drummer in the band and from then on acted as a frontman. The drumsticks were handed to Jo’s bro ther David. In the form of an EP ("Astral Deliverance") and the release of the reunion concert of 1999 ("DeLIVErance"); NIGHTMARE made clear: we are back!
With “Cosmovision", the first studio album since the reunion, the highly-anticipated next studio album was released in 2001. After a tour with Saxon followed by concerts with Grave Digger. NIGHTMARE then opened numerous shows for Blind Guardian played several major festivals (e.g. Rock Machina in Spain, Skeleton Bash in Austria and Germany's prestigious Wacken Open Air). The next two albums, "Silent Room" and "The Dominion Gate" were also recorded in SoundSuite Studio. 2007 and 2008 were determined by extensive touring and many prestigious festivals (Hellfest, Gods Of Metal, Basinfirefest, Hell Over Paradise, Metal Camp ). With "Genetic Disorder", which again received great critical acclaim in 2007, a new studio album was released too.
With “Insurrection" NIGHTMARE made their debut on AFM Records in 2009. 2011: they released "One Night Of Insurrection”, the live show for 30-year band anniversary at DVD / CD and went on tour with Sabaton. With "The Burden Of God" NIGHTMARE have returned again with a superb new studio album. And they had proven to still be the "best heavy metal export of France". This beautiful tradition continues with "The Burden Of God" seamlessly: NIGHTMARE combine their classic heavy / power metal roots with some contemporary elements and show that they are living in the now. In direct comparison with the previous disc, "Insurrection" (2009), an increase is observed in symphonic elements, so that sometimes the memories of 2001's comeback album "Cosmovision” to be awake. The latest studio album, "The Aftermath" released in May 2014, was maybe a prediction (with such a title!?), of what had happened on July 4th 2015… NIGHTMARE had to face vocalist Jo and drummer David Amore leaving the band. But who thought that this could mean the end of the story, was wrong!!!!
On October 10th, 2015, NIGHTMARE held a presentation of their new line-up in their hometown Grenoble; announcing the addition of new vocalist Magali Luyten (Beautiful Sin, Beyond The Bridge, ex-Ayreon) and drummer Olivier Casula (Sangdragon, ex-Thalidomide, The Seven Gates). The next NIGHTMARE studio album is planned for Fall 2016 and we have the feeling that NIGHTMARE is now stronger than ever!