Backyard Babies

Backyard Babies – Peder Carlsson , Johan Blomquist , Dregen and Nicke Borg , born same year, same town, Nässjö, southern Sweden – have returned to action after a fiveyear hiatus.

Formed in 1989, and with half a dozen studio albums to their name, the lineup of the band has never changed, and neither has the collective desire to claim a key and colourful chapter in the annals of rock ‘n’ roll.

The single ‘Th1rt3en or Nothing’ will be followed by festival appearances right across Europe, paving the way for the release of the new album, ‘Four By Four’ , at the end of summer. Then it’s off to Japan to keep the party going…

In 1991, the selfreleased debut EP, ‘Something To Swallow’ , stirred up interest both at home and abroad, resulting in a first record deal then a debut album, ‘Diesel And Power’ (1994), that channelled the band’s considerable rock ‘n’ roll instincts into a deliciously sleazy (tattooed) body of work.

IT WAS in 1994 that the band’s career effectively kicked into gear; this was when the four moved to Stockholm, embarking on a journey that would place them squarely (and spectacularly) on the world stage, sharing that stage with some of rock’s most legendary names along the way…

With their popularity rising fast, the big break was just around the corner…
After signing with MVG Records/East West (Warner), the now classic album, ‘Total 13’ (1998), was released to great acclaim, effectively redefining lowslung, punky rock ‘n’ roll for a fresh generation. It reached gold status at home and picked up a Swedish Grammy, providing the ideal launchpoint for impressive worldwide sales plus a tour across the planet, from Tokyo through to LA.

The followup album, ‘Making Enemies Is Good’ (2001), took the band’s success to a new level, topping the Swedish charts and breaking the international rock scene via an extensive European tour as main support to AC/DC .

‘Stockholm Syndrome’ , studio album Number 4, saw the ‘ Minus Celsius’ single lightin’ a fire under rock radio stations across the globe, it charted Top 2, and as with its predecessor, it earned the troupe a gold award.

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